Oh Happy Day

Happy Happiness Day!
Happy Spring Equinox!

The UN calls happiness a “fundamental human goal.”
(Good stuff here: http://www.dayofhappiness.net/)

T’was surely a poet who’s declaration of independence demanded not just life and liberty, but also “…the pursuit of happiness.” And plenty more who plucked out songs that end the pursuit and deliver the goods (which are no goods at all, just goodness).

Here’s a little something to celebrate from the good folk of Pamplona in Navarra, wearing the red and white of San Fermin. I’m beyond happy today because my family is coming to visit in July; we’ll get to see people wearing these colors and running these streets in the pursuit of tradition, a precious and precarious happiness it is.

Story from: Diario de Navarra


One thought on “Oh Happy Day

  1. Yes we are on the way to you, our first offspring. The prepared but still daring young lady who will be sharing her corner of the world with us Midwestern suburbanites!


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