About BIRG

About this here blog, Biscay Dossier

Fashioning a Mission Statement: The Mission of this Fashion Statement

  • headhacks for expats and the minutiae of “a broad” in Iberian life that she realized was worth writing home about (hi mom and dad!)
  • traversing English, Español and Euskera: adding records to an intuited encyclopedia
  • surveying routes and drawing dots on maps of reality, worldviews, identities, and cultural contexts… and inevitably the politick tock tick tock
  • routine liminality amidst (&/or in spite of) connectivity (coming soon, or is it already here?: Meme’s Search for Meaning)
  • quaint vignettes revealing a variety of the shit most ridiculous that goes on over here
  • Euskalchemy, and of course, BIRGing, basking in the reflected glory of the Basque Country, the place and people and politick of Spain’s País Vasco, Euskadi, Euskalherria, ‘land of the Basque speakers’

I live in Bilbao which is also called Bilbo but never Bilboa and yes there’s a Guggenheim here and no it’s not the best part and yes this is Spain but no it’s not and you wouldn’t want to say that too loud and yes that’s the Basque flag and no they aren’t Christmas colors.

All of the above and all that which follows are “I” statements; I take full responsibility for the views expressed here and I by no means intend this to be an authoritative account of anything. I’m just the interpreter. If you want another version of the truth, ask somebody else.

For more on the roots of my take on the whole Basque affair – the till and weed of the constant gardener – here’s a few more disclaimers and disclosures.)

Please excuse my abuse of the use of alliteration. I also repent that I mix metaphors like apples and oranges; they call it fruit salad, I call it vitamins at the risk of indigestion.

This is my Biscay Dossier.


One thought on “About BIRG

  1. Hooray for you, baby blue!
    Funny, the girl who doesn’t particularly like Christmas colors lives with a Christmas colored flag.
    (plus other colored flags,of course; us Williams’s like flags+maps-even black/white maps…..loves to you,LLW


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