Ongi Etorri

Ongi etorri!

That’s how we say bienvenidos and make yerself at home in these parts.

Today is the day of Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, which I tried to explain in my ESL classes last week about our version of Carnaval; translating it into Martes Gordo and going on about beads and boobs and French fur-trapper settlements, I mostly confused a few folks.

Today is the day that PeteyTxiki (pronounce that second half ‘cheeky,’ meaning wee one) marks his first successful circle around the sun.

And to celebrate such joyous occasions, today is the day that pull the trigger and go public with this cramping pinky finger parade of a blog, Basque-ing in Reflected Glory.

Bear with me as I’m likely to be farting around with design and other bits backstage in the coming days and weeks. Peek at the about pages, leave comments, send me an email ( if so inclined, especially if you want to see a future post on something specific.

– Kindest regards, un saludo, eskerrik asko

C. Rhea


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